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Ebook Conversion
eBooks have changed the way to read, purchase books, and manage them. The technical know how to develop the ebook requires a well design and editorial expertise. There is a prescribed format, design, and device for creating ebooks. We at Data Consultancy Services do ebook conversions, typesetting, ebook enhancement and ebook development.

Copy Editing & Proofing
To improve the formatting, style and accuracy a editor has to perform copy editing. Spelling corrections, correcting punctuation and grammar errors, preserving the style and figures, maintaining the reference and legends, checking the manuscripts and ensuring the text flow are the process to be performed in copy editing. Proofing is done to ensure that the job is accurate to our customer’s expectations. Correcting spellings, typographical errors, wrong numbering, word usage errors with regard to subject are the process performed in proofing.

Content Conversion
Data Consultancy Services can transform pages of electronic and printed material into flexible, searchable digital assets in expertise of subject matter meet the highest quality expectations. We can easily and efficiently convert the printed materials, application files, content databases into html, xml, ebooks, websites and cd-rom.

The software used for scanning documents, photos by are highly sophisticated that the colour correction, manipulation of image and line art scanning is done with high quality. We can also do the scanning between 100 DPI to 600 DPI in colour, bitonal and grayscale formats. We have lab to scan with the capability from various sizes into tiff, jpg, pdf formats.

OCR & Indexing
Data Consultancy Services offers data capture services from printed and handwritten sources, such as paper, scanned images and microfilms with a motto to give quality accuracy.

We at Data Consultancy Services strive to care our client’s requirements in such a way that they get satisfied in our work delivery in regard to the time, quality and cost effective. We concentrate in various area of functions such as Business Process Outsourcing, Designing, Small creative animation clips, Responsive website development and hosting.

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