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Multimedia Production
Using right images, conceptual diagrams, animations, video and sound effects make eLearning more effective. We at Data Consultancy Services do the audio, video editing, walkthrough, graphic work and small animation work to the make the custom content suitable the client’s requirements. We also do conversion of audio files, conversion of video files into various formats that are suitable to load online with quality and light weight. We are do digitalisation of audio content from gramophone old storage model to new era content and from video tapes to DVDs.


Graphic Design
We at Data Consultancy Services provide the contents in visual form. We can provide graphics contents with quality. We have creative experts to do the graphical work with a core objective to the customer’s satisfaction. The readers can get great visual experience by our expert team work. We can provide Image creation, Children’s art, Creative Illustrations, Ad Design, Brochure Design, Logo Design, Book Cover Design, Book Layout Design, Flyer Design, Poster Design, Technical Drawings, Architect Drawings, Colour Corrections, Cover Design, Improving Resolution, Virtual Home Design and Walk Through.

We at Data Consultancy Services strive to care our client’s requirements in such a way that they get satisfied in our work delivery in regard to the time, quality and cost effective. We concentrate in various area of functions such as Business Process Outsourcing, Designing, Small creative animation clips, Responsive website development and hosting.

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